The ZONA ALFA project

We are pioneers

Zona Alfa was born as a pioneering project in southern Europe: a centre for mountain biking that not only recovers old forgotten trails but also represents the greatest effort made so far in our country in terms of opening new trails. Zona Alfa has the largest network of newly built trails and flow trails in our country; trails designed for mountain bikers, opened by both manual and mechanical means and always respecting a philosophy of sustainable construction, visually integrated and respectful with the environment.

Pure mountain

Only here you will be able to find all types of trails for mountain biking, from old recovered trails to all mountain and enduro trails built from scratch by manual means to all mountain trails and flow trail type trails built by mechanical means. 

In Zona Alfa you will be able to enjoy trails designed and built for the mountain biker. Big berms and switchbacks, tabletops, rock gardens, rock faces, jumps and endless obstacles on a wide variety of trails that will make you enjoy riding your mountain bike like never before.

Designed for everyone

The design of the “Zona Alfa León” MTB Center has been developed with the idea of offering great experiences to all kinds of mountain bikers, from recreational cyclists or those who enjoy cycling with their families, to more athletic cyclists or enthusiasts of extreme mountain biking.

Therefore, the center accommodates a wide range of disciplines, from the more traditional ones such as XC (cross country), to the emerging disciplines like All Mountain or Enduro, both in their regular and electric versions.

All the initiatives undertaken are guided by the premise of contributing to the visual delight and enjoyment of visitors through sustainable construction measures and landscape integration, showcasing the lush nature and unique topography of the area. This is done without forgetting about the local villages and their magnificent gastronomy.

We hope you enjoy riding your bike as much as we have enjoyed building them.