What is Zona Alfa and where is it located?

Zona Alfa is a unique network of trails and cycling itineraries made up of flow trails, newly built singletrack trails, traditional trails and forest tracks and roads that will allow you to enjoy an equally unique environment in the León municipalities of La Robla and La Pola de Gordón

Is access to Zona Alfa free?

Yes, access to our trails is totally free. We believe in promoting the sport of mountain biking and in creating a welcoming environment for cyclists of all levels

Do I need to make a reservation to ride the trails?

No reservation is necessary. You can visit the MTB Center at any time of the day or year and start riding the trails, always respecting the possible temporary or seasonal closures of some trails.

Where can I find out if the trails are open or closed?

Seasonal closures will always be announced on our website. Temporary closures for maintenance work will be announced on our social networks and through the corresponding signage at the accesses.

Are there any restrictions on who can use the trails?

The trails are open to cyclists of all ages and levels. However, we recommend that riders have basic notions of mountain biking and follow our rules of behavior on the trails for safety reasons

Are there trails for beginners?

Yes, we have a variety of trails suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Our trail map provides information on the difficulty levels of each trail.

Where can I download trail tracks for my GPS?

Right here on the Zona Alfa website you have a download section with all our routes and trails.
Also in our Wikiloc profile (link) you have our Zafaris (Zona Alfa selected Trails) in which we have
designed the most interesting combinations of accesses, routes and trails so that you don’t miss

Is there a list of companies that provide services to cyclists?

Yes, by following this link you will have all the information you need to repair or rent a bicycle, hire
a guide or instructor, hire a ski lift service, etc.

Is there an official list of restaurants and lodging places?

Yes, by following this link you will have all the information about the official Zona Alfa hotel and
catering establishments.

How can I stay informed about the status of the trails and any changes in Zona Alfa?

You can stay informed by visiting our website, following us on social media or contacting us
directly. We regularly update our website with trail conditions and any important announcements.
If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us through
the contact form on the website and we will be happy to help you. Enjoy your mountain biking
adventure at our MTB Center!